Far Back

By: Gustav Hoiland

Nov 13 2014

Category: Observation

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Focal Length:22mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80
Grey Days

Took a quick cruise through historyville after wrapping the day’s labors. Through November of 2009, a piece of time in Shanghai. I think by this point I could confidently read the Shanghai map and venture pretty far out on my wheels. Instead of choosing a destination and weaving through it all to get there I think I was taking it a bit more slowly, just meandering through areas I hadn’t yet seen.

Ugh. So much goodness. Not in the sense of comfort or coolness, but variety. A richness of differences and quirks spread across the land. The drabness of leafless trees and low-rise concrete… just grey forever here. But it’s on a human scale. Not behind any gates, not cordoned off. Just a humble dwelling with some simple retail.

Not sure what I’m getting at. But I had completely forgotten about this ride / moment until I breezed back through the rectangles.

Out to midtown rain now.

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