Fall Force

By: Gustav Hoiland

Oct 08 2014

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 6D
Fire Top

The autumnal times are upon the Eastern lands. I find myself writing “if the leaves are there I can make them green, but if they fall then we’re outta luck” to many clients hoping to squeeze in shoots with a summer vibe. Colors are just numbers in Photoshop (in all digital photography really), and I can turn your leaves purple as easily as green. But a lack of leaves is an irreversible sign of a colder time.

Cloud cover has also been a big determinant of my time of late. A couple days of rain coming up? Then I’m back to NYC. Oh so the week will actually be totally clear starting today? Then on the Bostonian couch I will be, lining up and confirming a couple more days of creation.

Whatever the case, summer is ceding to the whiter months. Looking forward to a reduction in work along with the first flakes. Then again it might be busier than ever. Time will tell, and dictate.

And on and on.

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