Traffic Lull

By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 09 2013

Category: Retail

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:2 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Harvardian Asphalt

Ahh, the square sans traffique. Just one blocky Mercedes, perhaps my most beloved car if only because it’s strangely dictatoresque, and is therefore perfectly fitted to being an SUV. Perhaps.

Whatever the case, trying to get expansive street photos of commercial districts, without cars, is perilously difficult in Boston (this being the exception, where car appears almost as prop). Usually there’s parking on both sides of the street, plus double parkers, texting drivers, etc. Beautifully pristine light, just the right interior illumination and animated restaurant patrons… ruined by an ugly SUV plunked right in front of it, and poorly parallel’d at that.

Short of pulling parking permits or getting my own stretch limo to block off entire swaths of curb, I… well, I’ll figure it out. One of those challenges this little niche of photographic creation presents.


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