Brick & Skin

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 26 2013

Category: architecture

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Walk Down

Thinking about potential clients. The kind I’d be thrilled to hear from. To hear “I’m calling from X…” or to see an email in the ‘box from the desired domain. If nothing else it’s motivating to think about. The more interesting part of it is figuring out ways to make it happen. The terrifying part is knowing there’s still much to de-sloppify in my architectural work.

These Aesop folks pretty well embody refinement of the finest kinds. Superb general design, dreamy interiors, marketing collateral to die for (live for). Product photography and general brand presentation that I’m drawn to, despite having no yearning nor want for the product itself.

It’s appreciation of execution I suppose. There are of course countless examples of this kind of professionalism out there (and many, many more on the other end of the spectrum). I suppose it’s what I aim for in my own work, my own presentation of my work.

It is excellence.

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