Ticketing Spree

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 01 2013

Category: studio

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Behind the almighty dollar, enveloped in its regal greek leaf crown, there may perhaps be the number One. The first whole numeral that represents a thing rather than an absence of things (or even a negative thing). There’s a lot of things that One is. One thing one may be unaware of is the One possibly under the one remaining “WINNING NUMBER” is legally worth $400,000.00, (less taxes and withholdings).

Did the first round of highly scrutinized capture tonight. If anyone knows how to bring true flatness to a scratch ticket, lemme know. Many days between flat stone held together by a dozen clamps got me most of the way… but still there was unwanted three dimensionality.

Anybody have Satan’s great vice laying around? I mean, he must have some kind of an extreme clamper in his workshop. God knows he could find a use for it. Am I the only one who generally imagines Lucifer as a smithy? (At least on weekends?)

36″x24″ @ 300PPI.

(p.s. in complete coincidence, this is my one-one-one-onenth [1111th] post)

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