Macro Scratch

By: Gustav Hoiland

Mar 26 2013

Category: studio

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I tells’ya. Stumbling onto a photo project is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it happens at a very shallow depth multiple times throughout a seeing-heavy walk, dabbling the brain toes into the world’s stream. Other times they’re directly derivative, for better or worse. But most often the most interesting ones come from a kind of active open mindedness mixed with play, “accident”/unexpectedness-heavy time that is not done for the explicit purpose of generating ideas (not corporate brainstorming).

The photo project mindset and process is nearly identical to that of entrepreneurship. You get a whiff (or an anvil) of an idea, followed by innumerable immediate internal investigations. Who what where when why hasn’t this been done? Will the equation that is business in a capitalistic environment enable it to self-sustain?

Except art doesn’t need that, I believe. By definition actual art is not about generating a positive return on time and capital. But there is the fundamental question of will it work? Does this idea make sense, have resonance, say something? About me? About culture? Does it tickle? Does it delight? Does it do these things with manic effectiveness before the viewer’s conscious realizes it’s been hooked?

Photo downsized for the blog, Click here for full (the enlarged part is at 100% at this link). (Hoping to print it huge.)

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