Front & Back

By: Gustav Hoiland

Feb 05 2013

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In Blue

On the Havana trip it was culled from thousands to hundreds, later to dozens. Finally got around to raking it to the final favorable selects. See the “TAXI” link at above right to check’em out – click one for a slideshow.

I figure I’ll whittle it down to six or eight. The advisors will be called in (emailed), their opinions already once tapped but now tapped again in hope of procuring their sweet, succulent photo-knowledge-advice-syrup. (uhhhhh)

Whatever the case, this one has emerged as one of my favorites from the whole darned collection. They aren’t the first thing you see. You see the nice lit-up sharp-focused passenger-seater. You might even dwell on his expression, wonder what’s piping through them ‘phones. But you’ll see the back-seaters soon enough, lips locked and beer clutched. It might be a while before your eyes make it over to the silhouette of the driver.

The Worker.

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