Empty Containers

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jan 25 2013

Category: party

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Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III
All Gone

Firsties, I think I’ve talked about my container ship experience at least five times this week with five completely different groups of known persons. It continues to be the story that’s new to everyone, a sure invoker of exasperation (or maybe just perked interest), and thankfully I do quite enjoy talking about it (especially over superb bellinis and caviar – thanks Matt!).

Wait what? How’s that work? How’d you find out about it? How much did it cost? What was it like? What did you do?

In other news, I’ve been drowning in the sweet submersion of The Wig’s music lately. I did photo/video for a theater gig he was DJ’ing for in the fall – an abundantly haired, excellent man. The epitome of what I want in electronica. Heavy-kicking bass, complexly layered wonderment, an unabashed freshness. Check out his SoundCloud mixes if you’ve got speakers that can really push air: https://soundcloud.com/thewigmusic

Wait, what???

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