Shadows Exhumed

By: Gustav Hoiland

Dec 12 2012

Category: bike polo

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Starting Line Beginning

Lightroom in a dim room. The thickness of learning new software, that mix of intuitiveness that comes with familiarity and good design, and then the incredible perplexity of having no idea how to accomplish some very simple task.

Mr. LR, I know the original file is offline… but the rendered preview is enough! Cannot I export? I’ll figure it out eventually. Or maybe it’s actually not possible. A few screenshots, rotation, layer masking and other tasks save teh day in a thousand clicks instead (while peskily stripping all the metadata).

There is of course a greater purpose. A distant desire, shrouded in the clouds that undulate in my head after work. General ambition, applied to the function of time, but always so buttered up as to fall right through until I wake again.


One comment on “Shadows Exhumed”

  1. I love this shot. The shadows, the light, the depth of field — it all just comes together perfectly. . . .

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