Eye Byline

By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 26 2012

Category: self portrait

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Further Conceptual

Following up on yesterday’s idea with another image from earlier in that same shoot. Retouched much further (many re’s, but clearly not any fine detail work) in this style of uncertain origins, though it may well be something of a trend I’ve been seeing around. I rarely venture into this kind of modification, but I’m very interested in the general look of it.

The choice to obscure the eyes is an interesting one. The glasses may as well have the shades in. Is it impersonal and distant? Does it reek of apathetic elitism by not even acknowledging, much less appearing to care about, the viewer? Or is it more of an intrigue, a character study of a fictional self.

Whatever the case, it lives far, far away from normal business card territory. And that’s exactly where I want it to be. So long as I can do it well.

11:59 and the bed beckons.

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