Sitting Red

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jun 16 2012

Category: self portrait

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Caribbean Living

I need a chair that I can read in. Very rarely do I come across one comfortable enough to sit still in for twenty minutes. Very, very rare. If that day ever comes, I may feverishly unload my capital in an attempt to acquire such a desired furnishing.

This here was part of the Sixth Floor Collection (assortment?) in the Cuban hotel of my residence last month. The relatively quiet top floor, exceeded only by the rooftop which had no chairs that I saw during my one invited expedition up there. This was the decompress/read/mix-fantastic-rum-with-unremarkable-vanilla-ice-cream spot.

Also one of the few more-formal self portraits from the trip. One that went through a process of refinement and sharpening. One of those good-light, plentiful time, sharp-minded sessions that often result in another slice of immortality for my books.


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