Camera Clock

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jun 01 2012

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Walking Cuba

Fear not, I will return to daily posting by mid-June (this being my first post in weeks, the last one was from pre-departure Miami). I internet about once a week here, don’t carry a phone, and maniacally photograph (to say the least).

Not being one to don a wrist watch, my only timepiece here whist out and about is my camera. When the urge to know the time arises, I take a photo from the dangling camera-on-strap, hit a button, and see what time the photo was shot.

It’s the most persistent project I’ve got going here. A pile of photographs all tilted at about the same angle, comprised of whatever was just to my right at the moment of capture.

Possibly my first conceptual project. And now I ponder in a bland insecuritous state whether I’m using that term correctly.

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