Wood, Stone and Metal

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 10 2012

Category: architecture

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Slight Slopes

Two things, the first a need, the other a heart-gripping fear. I need to show this series of work to somebody in the photo world. Maybe twenty of the better shots that generally show what it is that I’m seeing. Seeking guidance, affirmation or rejection, varied thoughts, etc. And secondly, is it all just painfully boring?

My attraction to it has been very much from a design standpoint, an exercise in composition and architectural technique (straight lines, minimized distortion). And anything to do with intentional meaning or content has been thrown entirely out, or rather has been preemptively ignored and shunned.

Rather, I like what I see, and I see it to-and-from the train station on my daily commute. And in my various leisurely strolls through the neighborhood. What if they were turned into environmental portraits, with the homeowner in their yard? If an “area man” walking his dog posed in the greater residential scene.

Something to think about…

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