Polo Pause

By: Gustav Hoiland

Mar 15 2012

Category: bike polo, portrait


Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

'Gansett Porter Everywhere

Heavy on the homework and light on the photographluous pursuits today. Happy to discuss myriad operational details, financial ratios, budgetary breakdowns, and other matters concerned with ordinary independent pizzerias within a three year timeframe. Just in case any of you are wanting in that department.

So I just noticed this one minor detail after looking at this photo for the fortieth time. There’s a light pole coming outta’ dear Brownhat’s head. It’s like some fundamental decree in photo education to avoid such convergences at all costs. But it’s one of those “rules” I rarely seem to notice, much less care about.

Only after it’s brought to my attention, or if the actual person pictured protests do I begin to get that nagging feeling. That growingly persistent “Should I just fire up the ‘shop and get rid of it already?” dread (minor, but still annoying and dread-like).

Today, No. I’ll leave it right there. Those light poles serve Boston bike polo very well.

6 comments on “Polo Pause”

  1. Fixed this for you (no need to thank me).

  2. Yessir! My flight is supposed to arrive at 10pm. I can take public transit / taxi over to your place unless you want to meet me at baggage claim… Whatever works best for you my friend.

    • Or we can meetup somewhere else (doesn’t have to be your place or the airport).

      • I’ll plan to catch’ya at the airport around 10:00PM Thursday. All’s easy. We can cellularically communicate once you land.

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