The Pink Coat

By: Gustav Hoiland

Feb 18 2012

Category: portrait

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With Detail

An excellent walk amongst the Harvardian grounds this afternoon. Through the academically sacred lawns, alongside the shores of the Charles, through nearby neighborhoods and near-secret winding paths that cut through blocks of splendorous homesteads. A painfully photogenic companion at my side throughout this mid-day jaunt.

The full photograph is really what works here, that’s the desired image. But without seeing it at full resolution I felt much of her expression was lost, so I fired up the ‘shop and included both. For the record, the close-up is still just about 50% of full resolution, so more detail still can be extracted. Included in part because it blows my mind how powerful these cameras are.

She is centered within the gates behind her as well as the path, but the trees aren’t quite so conformist to such symmetry. She seems to the left of center amidst the branches. I’m not sure if that could have been righted by shooting from a different angle… something to consider.

In hand: Burdick’s hot chocolate – half dark, half milk (the best hot chocolate west of Paris in the words of a trusted friend).

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