Rethinking Information

By: Gustav Hoiland

Feb 15 2012

Category: portrait


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Consume & Create

A truly fascinating lecture this evening, with this fine fellow in the spotlight. Eleven pages of notes, eerie connections to cerebral thoughts of late and illuminated realities (or theories at least), an altogether wonderful two hours.

At its core it was about applying our learnings from agriculture (and eating) over the past couple centuries to the nature of the consumption of information. Technological advances have made food cheaper, easier, tastier, and more convenient, and thus we have the obesity epidemic. Technological advances have made information cheaper, easier, tastier, and more convenient, and thus we have … no attention being given to mental obesity and the very real health consequences on both societal and individual levels.

Can’t say this photo is particularly successful at showing that idea, but the original intent was to have those thousands of rectangles be a stand in for data points, and … he’s being … enveloped by them. Or something. Only had my fisheye with me, but heck. That makes it a challenge.

The book’s on amazon (THE INFORMATION DIET), and I just may be picking it up

2 comments on “Rethinking Information”

  1. That book looks really intriguing. I’ve been thinking about the subject of over-consumption alot lately, especially in regards to the amount of media that permeates our lives every day. I was reading an article the other day about people who have started doing ‘media fasts’ where they take a week and just completely shut out media and technology..interesting idea. Love the picture! If you had been able to shoot at an angle where the whole background was the rectangles I think that might be an interesting perspective

    • He’s very intelligent and the book sounds great, though he did admit that it’s more to start a conversation and inspire thought than something to live by. He said that in all of his interviews that he’s done about the book (with, of course, the media), he’s realized a lot of new ideas and it’s unfortunate they can’t be incorporated into the already printed book.

      For media-fasting, I spent 3 weeks on a container ship with no internet, no email, no phone, etc. For most of the trip there wasn’t even land mass to see, just horizons in all directions. It was strange but at the same time very liberating.

      Wish I had a different lens with me, the fisheye makes it pretty impossible to fill the frame entirely with anything.

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