Tortoise and Hair

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jan 10 2012

Category: portrait

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Focal Length:127mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Suave Swoop

8:00AM bummer class (to be determined, to be fair), 9:40AM potentially incredible class, 6:00PM guaranteed excellence. In order of appearance: writing a boring but balanced business plan, formulating an understanding of strategic thinking in business, and finally people photography.

This guy’s done it all, from the review of b-plans to… certainly some strategery, and plenty of portraiture over the years. I assure you, despite framing choices, he’s not a square.

Didn’t quite work in color, the skin tone went crazy with the flashes plus heavy adjustments, but it didn’t quite have punch in entirely black and white. And thus here, it’s a B&W image that’s been selectively toned. Interesting, and hopefully I can push this further as I develop a bit more software savviness.

Now to de-hang-re-hang an exhibit.

One comment on “Tortoise and Hair”

  1. very cool

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