The Grandfather

By: Gustav Hoiland

Dec 25 2011

Category: portrait


Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Christmas Portraits

Got some shots of the entire family today at something of a holiday gathering. A communal joyous endeavor, accented with rum balls and wine. And Vietnamese food to top the night off.

I initially tried out my go-to lighting setup that I’ve been refining lately. Turns out it didn’t work out today, though I’m still not entirely sure why. Just part of the process I suppose. BUT! a quick repositioning of one of the lights led to this setup. Harsh, bright, beautiful.

And of course bigger picture stuff, now the entire family’s got some pretty neat shots of themselves at this very moment in time. Eventually we’ll all forget that these were shot on Christmas, forget our exact age in them, and likely forget the entire process of how they were shot and how I got them to emote and whatnot.

The senior picture.

2 comments on “The Grandfather”

  1. i ask you to delete that photo for the fact that the person in it is my granfather. I give you 1 day to do that, after that time i’m gonna ask the police to eliminate it.
    thank you.
    If you want you can contact me in my email.

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