Sunshine Sundays

By: Gustav Hoiland

Nov 27 2011

Category: bike polo

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Steed and Captain

Another wonderful Sunday of polo, still with late-summer-like weather. Soon winter’s grasp will clutch our fair state and subject us all to the blustery winds and related winterity. But eh. It happens. We’ve got shovels.

This is one of four portraits of this fellow that I did, see the rest on the SUNDAY POLO page linked to above the image at right. I’m not sure if it’s the best of the bunch, but I sure like it. There’s nothing polo here to the outsider’s eye – we locals know it’s Tony, that’s his polo steed, and under these veiny trees is where our dear court lay.

Portraiture in general has really been on my mind lately. I’m reading a book about beauty from a philosophical perspective, its role in society, its importance or lack thereof, etc. And more and more I’m realizing most of what I shoot (create) is just beauty for beauty’s sake. Once a person comes into the mix though, there’s a tie to that individual. Maybe. Or something. Still have to flesh this thought out.

To Monday.

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