By: Gustav Hoiland

Nov 09 2011

Category: bike polo

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Focal Length:29mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Strategy of Six

The concept of sport, of pitting man against man, or men against men, with some arbitrary outcome of winning based on achievement. Incentivized by that desire to reign supreme, it is the basis of ballgames (pictured), “markets” and capitalism as a whole. Strategy, planning (both long and short term), imagined outcomes, mad points, beers on the sidelines, etc. Are there any “socialist” by nature games, except perhaps little league trophies-for-all farces?

That’s just what came to mind here. We’ve got six men placed, by fate, onto two teams, and they’re experiencing competition first hand. The court is a neutral, unwielding permanent space on which play takes place. Truly epic games have transpired on this very asphalt, the final games of America’s largest tournaments, but here a mere Sunday bout amongst comrades.

Nomadic freelance-sustained in the Far East becomes more appealing each day, though other options are certainly being weighed.

Six Months.

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