Strands of Shadow

By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 09 2011

Category: studio

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Via Remote

Wake up, work, three-hour conference call, salad, commute, amazing bike mechanics, polo, Brooklyn brewed beer, etc. And hand-made outta’ Brooklyn handlebars coming my way. The beloved bike mechanic apparently was the on-site mechanic of the velodrome I used to race at. He asked me which events I rode, and, not remembering specifics, I said something like “Ahhh, there were like 10 laps and some sprints or something…” which he wasn’t entirely impressed with. Suspicions lingered, but he did a superb job for me.

The blog-worthy on-computer images are slowly petering out. Looked through a handful of folders before stumbling on this. I’ll give it a seven, maybe. Out of ten. Enough to consider a second look at, but nothing portfolio destined. I re-edited the colors and called it a day.

Yeaaaaah, that’s me. Haven’t shot this stuff for a while, but I may get back into it in the pursuit of further lighting knowledge development among other motives.

To Saturday.

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