Future on Blue

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 14 2011

Category: Uncategorized

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This is my current project. Rather it’s an imagined web presence for an embryonic business idea that’s been kicking around my brain. Will it be birthed unto the capitalistic market economy? Will it inhale enough capital to breath life into a legitimate company? Will the company continue on its fervent pursuit of cash until it bloats into a multinational heart beating on the crust of this earth?

Agh, just undid two entire paragraphs accidentally, and they apparently cannot be “redone.” Briefly – Photoshopping layouts like this is very similar to photographing still lifes – you get some elements to play with, arrange’em, push’em around summore, reinterpret, repeat, and flesh it out until something neat happens. And repeat.

And KMGT.com isn’t worth the fifteen hundred bucks, not yet. As sexy and alluring as a four letter domain name may be, it’s not gonna happen at that price. In passive, yet professionally polite, email negotiations I said I’d consider the $200 range.


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