Beneath Shanghai

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 09 2011

Category: self portrait

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Working Life

Thirteen inches of real estate, diagonally measured. The screen I work on at home, out and about, wherever I am except at the day job on the 15″er, 4:3 ratio. All the photo work happens here, either on my lap or on my desk, files pulled in, edited, pushed into the archives, etc. A slice of silver Apple-branded computation. A wonderful machine to be sure, nothing but excellence so far from it.

I looked over some recent self portraits recently and realized I need to keep shooting this stuff. Unlike product photography, which also usually churns out some great results, the self portrait grind is a bit more personal. It’s good work, and it’s me. There’s a cataloging of self, of mental state, acne state (semi-obscured here), body state (23 of the past 24 days I’ve hit the Bikram yoga studio at 6:ooAM), and general personality/mood situation.

This particular glance is brought to you in part by Red Hook beer. Copperhead, Pilsner, and a couple of other varieties. Some post-work taste testing so to speak. Red Hook had the only multi-flavor-pack in the store and in an effort to further understand the overall alcohol universe I opted to explore its offerings. Three Wishes (Whole Foods) and Charles Shaw (Trader Joe’s) brought low-cost wine varieties to me, and from that I can say Cabernet Sauvignon is my preferred variety.

Working in the Beverage Industry for now, perhaps in a year it’ll be in the photo industry. Or consumer/shopper insights – that entire realm of business has caught my eye lately.

Editing more photos, then sleep. Then Bikram at 6:00.

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