Big Rig Bike

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 03 2011

Category: portrait

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Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D
Skippy in Tow

This here fellow rode in two days from New York City to catch Boston’s Wednesday night polo action. The first leg of a multiweek, even multi-month trek up the eastern coast and deep into Canada. Roughly paraphrasing, “I’m like the semi-truck of bikes,” referring to his 70, maybe 90lb machine.

I couldn’t help but take a quick portrait. He was even sitting in my self-portrait chair in front of the white backdrop when it hit me, that “I need to photograph this right now or I’m going to regret it for at least a year” feeling.

And like all of my favorite photos, there’s something in it just for me. That mug he’s holding. It’s full of a brew of tea that I split into my cup and his. An end-of-day comedown. To anyone but us, it’s but a minor element in a frame packed with all sorts of objects.

The fuel tank is running on Skippy.

One comment on “Big Rig Bike”

  1. […] off on a tour from NYC to Portland, Maine on this bike. While he was in Boston, he met up with Gustav Hoiland where this portrait was taken. Doug’s fully loaded and packing the peanut butter, […]

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