By: Gustav Hoiland

Jul 19 2011

Category: fashion

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

The Insulating Koozies

Awoke at an ungodly hour this morning after many an intermission from my desired sleep. Act one – dreams probably, can’t remember. Wake up, sweat some more, eventually drift into act 2. Actions, dramas, and events are not recalled and may not have transpired at all. Wake up, hoping the brain will dim its lights within fifteen minutes. And on and on.

What I may be hinting towards here was that this weekend was a bit of a dream itself. After rowing to this sea-surrounded acre of beach, woods and barnacled rock, well. There was much lounging. But what it really was was that which is summer. (I love that sentence)

On the theme of self-referentiality (previous parentheses), I didn’t even know what that phrase meant, or perhaps I wasn’t aware that it existed, or perhaps that it was a classification/definition of a particular type of writing. David Foster Wallace did it in his Infinite Jest – this I learned, along with being introduced to the entire concept, on Sunday.

This weekend indeed.

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