Head On

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jul 03 2011

Category: fashion

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Focal Length:26mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D


Studio photography should not be done from the couch. The coffee table is too low of a surface, there’s no room to adjust the tripod, etc. True as that may be, it seems more likely that it’s all derived from my own tiredness, and so at the root of it, studio photo work should not be done tired. All the while this snarky deer got to watch me toil. (Shooting glasses just now, this image is from yesterday’s mess).

A couple things. This fellow is looking straight into the lens, but due to being mounted at a different angle (a slightly turned head), the background is not parallel to the plane of the camera. So the ceiling seam is diagonaled and the neck seems to disappear into some strange void that’s ever so slightly off kilter.

Mostly I just love the look. The glasses completely change it. I think I like that they don’t sit perfectly symmetrical, perhaps it adds a bit of attitude. Somehow it pinches the eye at left which I think makes the difference.

To bed today, to shoot more enthusiastically tomorrow.

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