The Stein Way

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jun 12 2011

Category: portrait, street


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Walking Pride

All weekend I had the pleasure of helping out with a workshop focused on people/street photography with Harvey Stein, a devout practitioner of the genre. And so here he is featured, 100% in his element, photographing the pride parade here in Boston.

Wide angle wide angle wide angle, and close too. Very close. And flashes, if only at a low power. And a whole lot of other advice/suggestions for effectively creating the images that have brought him fame (in photographic circles).

It’ll be interesting to see how much this workshop will influence my approach to shooting and eventual results in a year, whether or not any of it will have stuck. There’s a couple great insights I won’t soon let go of, that’s for sure.

2 comments on “The Stein Way”

  1. I worked with photojournalistic workshops and it solidly affected my style for at least 6 months. if anything, you’re given a new way of seeing that can be turned on and off when needed.

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