By: Gustav Hoiland

May 16 2011

Category: architecture, china

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Focal Length:62mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80


More trawling of the great terabyte mess ensued today. Digging up material for two birthday presents, some skateboarding portfolio pieces, some general memory surfing, and finally a suitable photo for this post. Lots of rain this week, perhaps I’ll really tackle this now that the foundation of the portfolio site (here) is laid.

This Hong Kong is precisely what I fell for while there. Profound density, built to suit the needs of a tiny land mass supporting an ever wealthier populace. What isn’t shown is the lush national-park forests that cover the inside of the island. A very stark change, but perhaps there is some balance.

I’m thinking more about international travel and living once I graduate next year. I’d love to do a couple years abroad in a couple locales. Hong Kong, Amsterdam, somewhere in Norway and English-speaking Europe, perhaps Spain if I’m thoroughly impressed by an upcoming jaunt to Madrid. The big question is whether or not I can build up a skill set that I can bring overseas and support myself with it from the get go – photo or (more likely) video creation, various consulting by expertise, or something else I can stumble upon in the coming year.

For now, Cambridge.

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