Clear Frames

By: Gustav Hoiland

May 12 2011

Category: fashion, self portrait, studio

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G Surround

This is the next installment in the business card portrait series. Or rather quest. I’m looking for the defining GUSTAV HOILAND image to adorn my next round of cards. I think I’m getting closer, and I’m taking things a bit more seriously (I shaved in the minutes before setting up the lights).

This is essentially the look I was going for throughout this shoot. Very harsh light (highly defined shadows, especially cast from the glasses), strong separation of face and neck/background, etc.

Dialed in the color and tonality, pulled away a few fleeting skin blemishes (that’s about the extent that I’ll beautify people/myself… anything more quickly becomes very unsettling), and probably did some other stuff. I notice now I missed the hair correction up top (erasing those errant downward hairs in the center), the hoodie isn’t symmetrical, and the glasses shadow to the left of my nose is a bit distracting. Overall, this photo just might make the cut.

Also, haircut!

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