Lasting Impressions

By: Gustav Hoiland

May 05 2011

Category: self portrait, studio

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Business Card Mockups

My current business cards are running a bit thin, and with a new portfolio site in the works I’m getting the urge to update my handovers. While I have much love for my current cards, seen here: ( ), I need a bit of an update.

This is one of the mockups. I’m definitely going self-portrait on one side and a ton of information on the other, which is the real design challenge. Two websites, email, phone, name, profession – all in a 2″x3.5″ scrap of fiber.

This photo was born out of another recent in-room studio lighting test. Double diffused overhead strobe. I don’t know if it’s fit for the photo that will define my lasting presence in the wallets of acquaintances, but… garsh darn the color is nice. Might have to re-shoot it with some different expressions.

Mmm… Must’ve passed out fifteen of my cards tonight at an event I was covering.


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