Shooting in the Shower

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 10 2011

Category: studio


Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Straining for Splashes

The distinct sound of children’s laughter emanates from across the street where a playground stands. A cool breeze of approximately 60 degrees wafts through the open slit between window and frame. A glass of cheap red tempranillo from the year 2009 stands nobly to the left of my keyboard. It’s been a long sunday of homework and screentime.

This may well be the photo that wraps up my Studio Photography class in my fourth year (of five) at Northeastern University. It was not shot with the twenty thousand dollars worth of lights and other equipment provided by the school, but rather the approximately five grand of photography gear I have amassed in the past two years as I have become more serious about my endeavors. I don’t mean to brag or tout, rather it’s just a statement of the state in which I live – comfortable in Cambridge with a pile of black colored tools at my disposal. Virtually every professional grade photography product is black.

This bottle was shot in the shower. The camera was on a tripod in the hallway, with two strobes affixed to a shampoo rack and a lightstand behind a curtain. A spaghetti strainer was drained to produce the droplets. The bottle sits on a cookie sheet, with a 2×3 foot sheet of construction paper used to black out the background.

Enough already! Enjoy.

2 comments on “Shooting in the Shower”

  1. oh my …
    serious business

  2. Very nice.

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