Dress Up

By: Gustav Hoiland

Apr 07 2011

Category: fashion, studio

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Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D


The hair wonderment continues. What today’s subject lacked in comparative hair volume she more than made up for with a totally rawesome dress. Rawesome being the name of a polo team I was on a while back. And today/soon I must decide whether or not to attend a major polo tournament or assist a famous photographer for a couple days in a big workshop… oh the opportunity costs!

But seriously, this photo rocks my socks. I think I’ll be processing all of the hair shots for my final studio photography project into this spectacular golden hue with splashes of other colors, like the purples seeping into the darks here.

Amid other complements I’d lay all over myself on this, I must say it fully achieves the thing I strive for in most all of my photographs: a distinct removal from reality. An undeniable “normal life doesn’t look like this” quality. Studio-shot photos that feel like you could just waltz into them just don’t do it for me. Perhaps it’s the difference between television show’s 60fps and film’s 24fps, or something similar, for those in the know.

And the weeks wane…

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