Donut Day

By: Gustav Hoiland

Feb 03 2011

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Category: studio


Focal Length:60mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

To Infinity

I need to eat before I start shooting food like this. Because today (and yesterday) I suffered through the entire shoot, lusting for the succulent cheap confectionary goodness so warm beneath the modeling lights, the sweet scent wafting carelessly into the atmosphere.

I’m satisfied with this shot. Not overjoyed or staggeringly ecstatic, but I like it. It has a permanent spot on my rotating desktop. It’s bold. The sprinkles are vivid. The background is absolute.

Also I’m getting much more comfortable with the lights, these hulking strobes with power cords that resemble something you’d use to plug in a yacht at the dock. So much control, this studio stuff. As my professor professed, “You’re responsible, accountable for everything that’s in the frame.” Every object and the perspective from which they’re seen. Every speck of light that dances down the donut.

After it was over I ate two, and later a third.

4 comments on “Donut Day”

  1. i’m torn on this one… i find myself trying to focus on too many things at once. i’d cool down all of the whites that are out of focus in the left of the frame. i’d also be interested to see a slightly different angle (more to the right & above)… seeing potential for a cascading down effect instead of them seeming like they’re sitting on a table. this sounds harsh. it’s not meant that way, just a fresh set of eyes.

  2. Great points. If you flip the orientation so it’s vertical you get much more of the “Tower de Donut” feel, but not quite convincingly. In an attempt to actually create said tower, I learned that donuts don’t stack very well past about eight high…

  3. use a piece of styrofoam (as a base) and a dowel (as a support). construct the dowel/styrofoam contraption as a “ring toss” step up. hopefully it will give the sugary goodness a little stability… at least for long enough to get that shot.

  4. In response to Juliana’s comments, I suggest you rent a season of “Ace of Cakes” (soon to show its final episode on FoodNetwork, sigh) in order to watch their construction techniques. That is, if you REALLY want to play with food. I say “Yes” go ahead, do it. Your insatiable need to capture all things visual requires it!

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