Party of Three

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jan 30 2011

Category: fisheye, party

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

No Reservations

So I didn’t post anything yesterday. Instead, this was happening. My deepest, sincerest, very tipsyest apologies. Also the wifi wasn’t working for me. That played a minor role.

I think this fits into my “taking things way out of reality” series, at least visually speaking. What was there was some slightly dim incandescent collegiate lighting. There were red solo cups, beige fur hats and luscious brown locks. But what we have here is… I … I really don’t know. I can’t place it.

The greatest element is the floating head and drink-bearing forearm. That brilliant black bar beneath the brow, giving him the look of some brutal bodyguard that’s not to be messed with, and prefers top shelf scotch whilst guarding. Not sure where that came from, but it’s just what came to mind.

Agh. Too beautiful to stand. More party photography in the coming days I predict, turned out oh so beautiful.

One comment on “Party of Three”

  1. Wonderful post, I must say i expect up-dates by you.

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