Portrait of a Reader

By: Gustav Hoiland

Jan 07 2011

Category: portrait


Focal Length:47mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

The Airport Diaries

The Milwaukee airport proves once again to be flush with willing portrait worthy civilians. See this post from an earlier trip: https://gustavhoiland.com/2010/07/02/flying-home/. The person sitting in that very seat this time around didn’t quite have the look, but alas my layover was deja-vu central.

I think my approach needs a bit of work. My, “Hello, would it be alright if I shot a couple photos of you?” along with various quick flattery and eyebrow work got me a near-blank 4-second-long stare that concluded with a simple “sure.” Or something near to that. I firmly believe a massive backpack with a large tripod strapped into the cup holder helped assuage her in a time of such uncertainty. (ha).

So the intense urge to shoot came from a couple of things, seen here. First – delightful girl, beautifully dressed, reading a book. Second, a giant lounge devoid of others, meaning some great potential patterns and vanishing points and whatnot. Third, those toes! Agh! The details, my friend. That slight inward turn of them somehow put the whole scene over the top.

How wonderful.

5 comments on “Portrait of a Reader”

  1. wow a good looking girl in the Milwaukee airport! rare occurance…..

  2. nice capture.i like the second one more! 😉

  3. Two very different pictures. The black and white is the strict patterning of the space, and the color is the more fluid patterning in her portrait. Love how the highlights in her hair draw the eye to the stripes of her cuff, how the curve of the seats waterfalls to the swirled stripes of her shoes. You obviously love line!

    So glad Fresh Pressed led me to your blog!

  4. I love her shoessss! and these photos!

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