Over the Cubicle Wall

By: Gustav Hoiland

Dec 21 2010

Category: portrait

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Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Squinting at Fluorescence

Ahhhh, work. It’s over. Co-op’s done. No longer will I get to look up in the mornings and find this fine fellow furrowing his brow, wearing my hat, getting the crazy eyes, eyeing my cookies, asking ‘sup, etc… Tomorrow is cleanup, move out, ship out, close out, and drive back to the homeland (Minneapolis). A final farewell to those who taught me that which is corporate life, and the nature of the beast.

Photowise this stood out as being a bit odd. Certainly there’s a silly face with a sillier hat involved, but it’s in the context of this strange wedge of grey and a blown out white grid above. For why does the scrunched face happen? What’s going on? Does it matter? Is it simply a case of the Mondays?

I think the fundamental issue with this particular grab is that it can’t be understood by those who didn’t know him in the same way as those who did. Without working side by side with this gentleman, it’s simply a photo of a person goin’ all crazy in the facade. But knowing him you… well, you understand that this is one of the distinctive traits of a coworker with a great sense of humor who’s trying to make the best of that, my friend, which is work.

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