14.5 Meters

By: Gustav Hoiland

Dec 09 2010

Category: ocean travel

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Focal Length:80mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Red Revealed

Another image from the What I Saw When Hanging Out of a Container Ship Rope Hole series. Unlike the dramatic splashes wrought by the force of an apartment-building-sized bow blowing through water at 20 knots seen in other images from this collection, this is a bit less awe based and more … mysterious I suppose.

First thing I want to point out is the white lettering. If I stood on an imagined platform where it says “13M,” my head would come up about to the “15M” marking up in the blue. That’s of course due to these being the depth markings for the vessel. How’s that for some scale.

What I really like is the patterns in the water. We have these great arcs on the bottom left. The larger wave across the top. The ripples and spray in the less chaotic area. I suppose it’s a hallmark of water in motion everywhere. Despite its fluidity it takes on a somewhat permanent shape. And this here moment would happen whenever the bow sunk back down into the sea (in calm seas the waterline rests where red meets blue).

All that red only ever gets to breathe when the waves start a’rockin.

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