Shanghai Traffic

By: Gustav Hoiland

Oct 29 2010

Category: china

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Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80


The Thickness


The China archive continues its exhumation with gems aplenty being gathered for consideration in a final set(s). My love of thick, character-ridden metropolises (NYC, Shanghai, etc…) is largely derived from the unending opportunity to explore new places every day. I went to the skate park here in Naperville darned near every day this month because I’ve almost exhausted this suburban territory I reside in, reasonable-bike-distance-wise, that is. In Boston I found myself exploring buildings and tunnels beneath my university in a quest to end up somewhere I’d never been before every. single. day. When I look through the months of photos from abroad, most every day led me to some new locale such as the one pictured here. And it’s interesting of course because the diversity within a city is nothing short of astounding.

My favorite detail in this image is near the top on the right. It’s the continuation of this street. Human figures shrunk down to a visual pattern not unlike grey denim up close. It’s a tiny piece of the picture, but it does a great job of creating some serious additional depth.

Structurally I see this as a three-stripe-d vanishing pointer. First stripe is the cars. Maybe stripe isn’t the right word. I’m sticking with it. Second stripe is the two-wheeled crowd. The third is the trees lining the street. Each of these “stripes” has a repetitive nature and they all form some kind of a mass that exist above the street and in front of the facades.

For the ten thousand people pictured, it’s just another ride home after work.

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