By: Gustav Hoiland

Oct 15 2010

Category: skateboard


Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Shoes on Hats

Quick note to the skaters asking WHERE THE PHOTOS AT? Most days after deleting most of it and touching up the keepers I have about 30 images. That’s over 200/week. I’m reluctant to publish all of them mostly due to sheer volume. That being said, I think I’ll start putting them up on Facebook for ya’ll. Once you “friend” me you should get all the auto updates of when new albums are up. You know my name.

At first I was a bit heartbroken at the sight of the fine citizen mucking up the purity of this photo. On second glance I realized that the spectator makes this photo. He is as vital an element as the expressive foreground figure. He gives it a sense of awe almost, despite not looking particularly awed.

The happy intersection of foot and head is another critical factor in it all. Think of the baloney I could spew about how this fine piece of carefully orchestrated artwork is about the dream of a child who envisions one day becoming a great airborne skater. This is literally “on his mind.”

None of that. Completely happy accident. My mind was on two things while shooting this. First and foremost NOT falling great heights from the posts I was standing on. Second, trying to keep the high flyer in the frame. Hopefully from now on I’ll pay more attention to intentionally creating stuff like this.


3 comments on “Overhead”

  1. I think I ll send you 20 $ to get this from you

  2. only if you sign it

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