Yours Truly Sells Out!

By: Gustav Hoiland

Oct 14 2010

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For a measly twenty bucks!

I found a print shop across the street from my work that can whip beautiful 11×17 prints out over my lunch break. I had a bunch made. I love’em. Some other people may love’em too, and these people can now shoot me an email, exchange some coin, and be on their merry way towards sustained (ha) and supremely elevated levels of happiness that will inevitably be derived from some new decor in your cube/ hallway/ bathroom/ bunker/ grand chamber/ kitchen etc…

Commerce aside for a moment, if you or a dear friend are featured in any photo found here, I’m more than happy to share the digital files with you. If it weren’t for you, the photo wouldn’t have been possible. Digital for free, surprisingly large heavy-stock beautifully printed tangible goodness for 20.

Proceeds will promptly be laundered into some shadowy corner of my finances where money disappears and various photographic goods/services materialize.

See the PRINT SALES page (above) for details, fruitless justifications of price, petty attempts at salesmanship, etc…

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