Riding the Wave

By: Gustav Hoiland

Oct 12 2010

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Category: lensbaby, skateboard

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Cooled Off

I have slowly been building up an appreciation for blurry Lensbaby’d photos (using this http://lensbaby.com/lenses-controlfreak.php). They’re generally even more experimental than most of what I shoot in part because focusing the lens is so touchy and often I shoot these in a series with my standard fare images/these are almost an afterthought where I chase a blurry version of what I had intended to shoot clear.

I have also been toying around with pulling all of that feel-good warmth out of images and turning them into stuff like this. Ideally looking at it will feel something like the blast of cold air that hits you when you open a refrigerator, but I suspect not everyone gets that sensation. I do it to create a different mood/feel in the image. All of the warmth I’ve been bathing everything in feels very summery, and … well I’ve proven to myself that I can indeed do that style and now I’m moving on.

The little bend of the rail at the bottom left gives this photo that little extra oopmh it needs. I also have been admiring blurry skateboards and this one does not disappoint.

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