Rail Waiting

By: Gustav Hoiland

Oct 09 2010

Category: skateboard

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Shadows and Backsides

If I’m not focusing on getting a clinch shot of some specific repeated trick or other subject I tend to continuously wander around the park in a circular fashion. With the sun lowering non-stop in the brief time I have after work before darkness, the light is almost always different by the time I make a loop around the park. This also demands constantly higher ISO’s and slower shutter speeds until I break out the flash or pack up and leave.

This image was built entirely around 1. getting some depth in the frame by showing that rail’s journey through space and 2. getting the entire figure also in the frame. That is what the entirety of my attention was focused on, in addition to keeping it level so as to not lose anything to crops in post.

I didn’t consciously position his head inside of that shadow, which is probably my favorite detail of the whole darned thing. I didn’t see the shadows coming in from right, belonging to another skater, though I until just now had mistaken them as his legs’ shadows (which of course are cast in the other direction).

I started experimenting with shooting Lensbaby video too. Great potential there, though I’ll really have to drill into it.

One comment on “Rail Waiting”

  1. thats me!!!!! sick photo dude

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