By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 29 2010

Category: fashion, self portrait

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

The Search is Over

A long and fateful journey has nearly come to its end. After over a month of obsessively following rumors of new camera releases, settling on a newfangled model, waiting for retailers to stock it, yaddayaddayadda, a casual Craigslist browse brought me to an un-pass-up-able deal on something even better, shown here. Tomorrow the memory cards and other goodies arrive. I constantly pick it up just to hold it. And to fire off a couple of blanks. And hold it.

What this all boils down to is me upgrading my current equipment a bit. Opens up a couple technical doors which I’m looking forward to exploring. Adds video potential, which I’m very interested in, though I don’t have nearly the computer to handle anything close to processing those files.

Perhaps most interestingly though is how it may change my appearance to others. This could in turn lead to greater confidence on my part if my subjects somehow perceive me as more professional. You see, the camera looks goddamn huge. This is mostly attributable to what’s called a battery grip, which I’m holding here. It screws onto the bottom and adds space for a second battery, though more importantly it includes a second shutter button which allows you to turn the camera 90 degrees and shoot with the same posture. No more of that wrist over the head and elbow way out vertical shooting.

This new introduction also means a farewell to my trusty steed that’s treated me so well most every day for the past year’n a half. I could wax sentimental over here and go into more details about everything, but not even I have the tolerance to make it through that. I’m just excited to get out and shoot!

(It’s a Canon 7D)

One comment on “Acquisitions”

  1. I read this in my rss feed reader
    there the picture is much smaller
    I get to the end and you dont say what model it is
    i figured it to be the 5Dmk2 after the battery grip talk
    at first i thought you got the mk4
    and i was going to be pissed
    opened the link to here and saw a the full size image
    oh it’s the 7D
    i’m getting the same thing when the camera stores in NY reopen
    just a few days
    no grip for me
    what lens is that?

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