After the Wine and Cinema

By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 22 2010

Category: self portrait

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Capturing the State of Mind

Just saw MKnightShamaalslalyan’s “Devil” movie, throughout which some inebriating substance was consumed as part of the deal. Solid movie. Good plot and rising action throughout. I may find it a bit cheesy in hindsight, but alas from this vantage (seen chair), I recall it being satisfyingly satisfactory in its entirety.

But the purpose of these post-movie self portraits (one seen here) was to capture the essence, so to speak, of the physical feeling felt at the current moment in time. The deadpan expressionlessness is all about getting the viewer to cast their own thoughts onto the subject, but the high-emotion or at least obvious-emotionality presented in a photo takes the interpretation away from the see-er, instead telling them what’s going on. This is really just me feeling incredibly comfortable in my chair. No apprehension in the expression. Nothing but pure relaxatory soft pleasure.

It was cropped down to a more squarish frame in post, and clearly had some color alteration done to it. I’d say I was trying to achieve a more accurate representation of what sensation I’m feeling here. There’s a certain glow to it, the feeling, and beyond that not much else matters (heck, the wall behind me is the least of my thoughts here). Perhaps the strange thing is that to achieve this look through photo, one must perhaps exaggerate the feeling through pose (leg up, … but that hand on forehead is 100% natural).

To be honest I was trying to capture the flirty party eyes, but couldn’t quite nail them down this time. They’re more along the neony photo from a couple days back, but with more intention behind them. I can see’em in the mirror, but they evaded capture tonight.

So I’ve fallen into the habit of shooting self portraits after 11pm if I haven’t shot anything else on any given day.

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