Reduced and Neoned

By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 21 2010

Category: fashion, self portrait

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Speed Racer

I just watched Speed Racer, a fairly stereotypical racing movie. Except the guys behind the Matrix made it. Wild. Visuals. Guaranteed. To be honest I was short on time and skipped most all of the dialog/plot building mechanisms and whatnot, skipping directly to the eye-wrenchingly colorful and chaotic and altogether spasmistic racing scenes (Newton’s Laws need not apply) that were the entire reason behind Netflixing it. It did not disappoint, but would have been more nausea-inducing in a theater. Maybe the Uptown’ll bring it to a Saturday midnight showing.

All that visuals-in-movie-talk aside, I actually developed this image tonight before I had even intended to watch les automobiles.

And it’s pretty rare that I like stuff in this vein. This contrast-to-the-extreme, entirely saturated colors, loss of detail and any resemblance of texture in most areas, etc… But somehow this one clicked for me. Maybe it’s the variety of colors, as these usually get boiled down to just orange or some other single hue. I suspect it’s also largely due to the eye & eyebrow combination which, without sounding too vain, teeters on the iconic. Maybe. That’s just what popped into my head.

There’s also some continuationy fill-in-the-gaps work that your mind has to do here, and does all on its own until you start thinking about how much is absent. When you study what’s there of the nose… there ain’t much, and it starts to fall apart. But at a glance it’s entirely there.

The grind of experimental digital developing continues with pockets of delight and intrigue.

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