The Frame Within

By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 15 2010

Category: portrait, self portrait

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Blue/Yellow Tinting

Self portraits with props continue, this time a thin wooden frame. If you’ve scoured the interwebs enough you’ve probably happened upon plenty of photo serieses (seri?) where the subjects interact with frames, often time playing with the idea of posing within the frame as if it were the entire frame of the image/the photo’s frame is then frame two, which can lead to all sorts of strangeness. I just happened to pick this up, as this and another one are the closest things I have to art in my apartment (just empty frames, framing pieces of off-white wall).

This composition works for me because the frame creates a very solid piece of immovable weight around which I appear to be somehow influenced. Schwarzenehaehaegger could do pull ups on that frame as it’s seen here. Why is it so grounded? Good question. Perhaps it’s the thickness of the line. Perhaps its the lines within the line that strengthen its line-ness. Or is it my scrunched nose and mouth? (Though the mouth isn’t being scrunched against anything… it is scrunching all on its own) Whatever’s going on, outside of the boundaries of frame one is normal, but once inside …

Couldn’t find any color balance that impressed me so I black and whited it and then split-toned in yellow (highlights) and blue (lowlights…/darks). I haven’t completely made up my mind on it, but it gives it a bit more punch than straight black and white. Might make it seem ab it more three dimensional too.  Maybe.

Anyhoo, yes.

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