Sunset Blinds

By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 12 2010

Category: lensbaby

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Right Here at Home

Another wonderful surprise found whilst standing at a window. Of course it didn’t look entirely like this to the eye of a seeing human, but that eye saw potential for something resembling this to come about.

Is the blown out sun best placed where it is here at bottom left? Would a strict abidance to the fundamental rule of thirds make for something more compelling? (so long as you don’t consciously realize that it’s perfectly in line with the thirds…) On that line of thought, could the image perhaps be more impactful if it conformed to thirdyness to those who don’t know what the rule of thirds is? And less solid, and perhaps even aggravating, to those who know the rule? (to inform, the rule of thirds simply states that photos usually look better if stuff isn’t dead center, and rather is positioned at any given intersection of thirds shown by a tic-tac-toe like grid) I rarely ‘thirds it while composing, and if I notice I am, I try to shift just enough to de-thirds it.

Next question. Are these blinds recognizable as blinds? The image has actually been thrown 90 degrees counter-clockwise, meaning these are the thick, institutional-grade vertical blinds and not the delicate horizontals. Each of them here is different. Different shades, different blends between color and value, sharpness of edges and on and on.

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