The Mainland from Sea

By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 06 2010

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Grids and Spaces

Yesterday I took the “L”/subway/train/people-mover from downtown Chicago out to the most lovely Loyola locale. This morning I ventured on a brief walk before re-training. The air was crisp with some warm distant sunshine breaking through the air. There’s a great coastal path system that stretches just over ten miles from Loyola’s waterfront (almost) into the heart of the mass of steel and glass buildings. Long story short, the short-time-taking train ride was put aside in favor of a roughly five hour walk. In my sweet dress shoes and wool socks (it was cold three days ago, but not today). And backpack that was lighter than it looked, but made me feel incredibly agile whenever I took it off.

So here we’ve got a couple general rectangles. At top a blurry blank beige. Below that some finely detailed areas that might resemble a patterned silk shirt under a microscope. This precision smears as your eyes descend, though the right-sided building is mostly smeared even at top. There’s also the thin strip of off-white that separates the two structures. Long description short, one rectangle on top, three below.

Why upside down? Somehow it just works better on my eyes. That bold block on top somehow wasn’t making it happen as an anchor. Maybe it was easily ignorable at the bottom, but here it’s unavoidable. Maybe my mind’s just burnt out enough after pouring through and developing so much work that I can’t articulate what it is that makes it. Perhaps there’s some value to that though – I can’t twist my interpretations and try to finagle some substance from it – I just know in my stupor that this. works. period.

What I do know with pristine clarity is that five hours of weighed down walking will make sleep easy and incredible. Hopefully.

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