Shot Down

By: Gustav Hoiland

Sep 02 2010

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Focal Length:22mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

Yellowed Carpet Blue

Yes, the shooting self portraits everyday leads to more unexpected photos. I suspect I need not say more, content-wise, about this.

The lighting is, let’s say, a bit odd here. The rift between shadow and light, with that 15 degree angle or so, is actually created by my flash passing through the side of my diffuser umbrella. Instead of shooting straight through it, the flash is blocked by part of it and the rest is straight from the bulb. Gotta experiment to come to that point.

Take note of the tripod legs at the bottom of the frame. The camera is eight feet up, shooting down to the carpet at an angle. You’ll see the light stands’ legs on the right as well. I tried to make a point of having the tripod’s leg touch the light stand’s leg in order to create some kind of a continuous line, but that’s all but disqualified as a focal point by the encompassing shadow.

Just one arm, no hands. Both legs but one foot. Full torso but no head. I particularly like the rolled cuffs of the pants which stand out against the mostly blackened rest of the cloth. The belt buckle also stands out a bit.

So yeah. It’s working for me.

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