1992 POLO

By: Gustav Hoiland

Aug 31 2010

Category: bike polo, fashion


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The Stoplight Colored Outfit

Ahh, the fashions of bike polo. Such a diverse crowd in so many ways never disappoints the eye. Of particular interest are the various “polo” themed pieces that turn up despite having nothing to do with bike polo. This “1992 POLO” hat … I can’t tell if it’s vintage or new. It has a bigger bill than most tight little hats these days which makes me think old, but perhaps it is indeed cutting edge the not too distant soon.

This image uses the ‘ol ground-as-background technique. And it’s a pretty plain background. Some texture near the bottom but as it recedes it all blurs out. This type of backdrop immediately exposes any kind of lens vignetting, as seen here laid on heavy on the right, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s working for this image or not. I suspect it makes all that negative space smaller/somehow lower impact, ushering the eye to pretty much just hang out on Man Left.

I’ve taken a liking to the fact that the cigarette in hand is not the sharpest point of the photo. It’s my guess that that part of the image would generally be what was focused on. That’s what is going on here, after all. It’s not just a man sitting, it’s a man smoking. But here the crisp is found on the rear of the hat and on his back. Certainly not much going on there except a couple of curvy lines flowing over his contours.

Ahhh, polo.

2 comments on “1992 POLO”

  1. can i buy that hat from you?

  2. I’d like to get in contact with you about that hat. I’m interested in purchasing. Thanks!

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